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Vancouver Houses and Underground Oil Storage Tanks for Buyers

Houses in Vancouver have Oil Tanks?

Up until the 1960’s most houses in Vancouver used oil burning furnaces. These furnaces had underground oil storage tanks periodically filled by tanker trucks. When Vancouver began the switch to gas furnaces in the 1960’s, oil furnaces were removed and the underground oil storage tanks that fed them were either removed (best practice) or decommissioned.

If decommissioned, the tanks, often made of galvanized steel were supposed to be completely drained of oil.

I’m Buying a House in Vancouver. Why should I care about Underground Oil Tanks? IT CAN COST ME THOUSANDS?!

Unfortunately, in many instances these tanks were NOT drained and over time these underground oil storage tanks began to leak oil.

This leaked oil is combustible (ie it can cause an Explosion or a Fire) and can contaminate soil and water not only on the lot of house where it is located but of surrounding houses. If the Oil Tank is leaking this can create a HUGE liability for a home owner or the Buyer of such a property.  Continue Reading…

Vancouver Real Estate Indoor Air Quality Testing and Volatile Organic Compounds with ABM Environmental

Indoor Air Quality Testing and Vancouver Real Estate?

Is there are link between Indoor Air Quality and Vancouver Real Estate you ask? YES!

The air inside a home (Both condos and houses) can have many things in it and and some of that stuff may not be all that good for us.  In a previous post we talked about how mould in a home can cause health issues, today we’re going to talk to Brian Mackenzie of ABM Environmental about Volatile Organic Compounds.

The Not So Sweet Smell of New Stuff Volatile Organic Compounds!  Continue Reading…