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Vancouver Commission Calculator Real Estate

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How much are real estate fees in Vancouver, BC?

I charge a real estate commission of 7% on the 1st $100,000 and 2.5% on the balance of the sale price for properties in Vancouver.

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Around half (50%) of the 7% on the 1st $100,000 and 2.5% on the balance is payable to a buyers agent who brings the seller an offer that completes at the Land Titles Office.

According to Canada’s Competition Act, there we Realtors are not supposed to say there is a standard real estate commission.

Real Estate commissions and the net proceeds (ie the amount a Seller receives from a real estate sale after costs) are often confusing for prospective property Sellers in Vancouver.

Most Sellers aren’t sure about how much commission they will have to pay (Check out my great video on what I charge for Real Estate Commissions) and how much tax (GST/HST) will be payable on the real estate commission fee once the property sells.

This calculator clears up this confusion!

Realtor Commissions with GST Calculated!

All you need to do is input the potential sale price of the property in question (Not sure how much the sale price is? Check out this great video on Comparative Market Analysis or call me at 604-763-3136!) in the form above.

Then click “Calculate” and you will get the sale proceeds from the property after all the real estate commissions and HST/GST on the commission are deducted. Basically, this commission calculator lets you know how much you will end up with in your pocket when you sell your property in Vancouver after all is said and done.

Remember Folks! There is no standard or average real estate commission fee in Vancouver and across Canada and your Realtor fees are negotiable always!

Remember! Around 50% of the Commission calculated above goes to the Buyers Agent who brings an offer that gets accepted and Completes at the Land Titles Office!

Buyers Looking to Calculate Commissions on a Purchase?

The good news is that in 99% of the time Buyers of Property in Vancouver DO NOT directly pay commission to their Buyers Agent. To learn more check out this informative video on how Buyers Agents get paid in Vancouver!

Looking for advice on selling a home in Vancouver? Check out these great videos on How to Sell a Home in Vancouver!

Wondering How Much Tax There Might be on The Sale Proceeds of Your Property in Canada?

Check out this great video on the definition of a Primary Residence in Canada!


  Comments: 37

  1. A Realtor showed my wife a house, and my wife asked her to ask the sellers if they would except a lower price, the seller said no. Nothing was in writing and my Wife did not sign an agreement to use the Realtor who showed her the house. Are we legally free to find another Realtor to help us buy that house or will the Realtor that originally showed us the house entitled to commission? Because if so we will find another house, I am so sick of dealing with Housewives who are part time Realtors that I just want to scream. Please do not get me wrong I am not Sexist my wife is an Executive with great career and I have ton of respect for professional women in the workforce. That said, I have had it with incompetent, uneducated and stupid Housewife Realtors getting paid commissions they don’t have the skill and ability to earn.

    • Hi Martin,

      Good to hear from you.

      Give me a call at 604-763-3136 and we can can help you out.


      • Richard Hughes

        What nonsense. The answer is that your wife, with an executive position,should have a clue that there is a connection between the Realtor showing her houses and a commission. If she has half the wit of the housewife realtors that you maligned she would get that. However, she can contact another realtor to act as a ‘Buyers Agent’ and view the property again without an obligation to the initial realtor,

        Actually this looks like a shallow ruse to set up Mike for grabbing the ‘Housewives Cient’


        • Hi Richard,

          Good to hear from you.

          I am completely confused as to what you are referring to.

          Can you explain?


        • Awesome reply!

        • Totally agree Richard! What a stupid comment as there are just as many incompetent, part-time MALE realtor’s as there are female. The sex of the realtor has nothing to do with the service and professionalism of the realtor.

    • What makes this realtor imcompetent? The fact that she wasnt able to get the sellers to accept a lower offer? Or is there more to this story?

      She may or may not be a good realtor but its pretty hard to get anyone to accept a lower offer in the vancouver area these days. As for your commitment to said realtor, if you didnt sign an exclusive buyers contract you are fine to jump ship any time.

    • The simple answer is yes.

    • Very true.WE were trapped in very bad deal.Realtor was useless,all what it was about the money.Not only her,but fellows realtors. They want to pay for doing nothing.Show me the money,then we will talk.Very angry customer

    • YOu are legally free to choose another realtor at any time, AND to file a complaint with the BC Realtor website. This is the exact opposite of acting to the benefit of the client. The realtor does not need to be fired, she has QUIT.


    • Hi Ray,

      Good to hear from you.

      Do you think it would be logical for your pay to go down over time?

      Why hasn’t that happened?


      • Hello Mike,

        Here is your response to the person talking about house appraisals double/triple: “Do you think it would be logical for your pay to go down over time? Why hasn’t that happened?”

        I think you are comparing apples to oranges. If my company’s revenue triples they do not triple my salary let alone they may not give me a raise. My salary is dependent on the agreement between me and my company on the value I think I provide and they perceive. So, essentially in your situation, the ‘revenue’ (appraisal) let’s say triples and as a result your compensation is significantly increases but the actual ;value; that you are bringing to the table is exactly the same. So, does your question really mean a fair comparison?

        Thanks for listening.

        • Hello Mike,

          i have to clarify something regarding my earlier post. Ray Fortier DID NOT talk about decreasing the income, he talked about decreasing the RATE calculating the income. It is totally in line with my previous post, which is IMPLYING rate change when appraisals (house prices) are significantly increased.

          Thank you and sorry about not 100% clear the first time.

      • Do you still stand by this?

      • Come on Mike, I know of no one whose wage or commission (other than realtors) has gone up to that extent. If I was younger and had a bit of a cash flow, I would sell my condo myself-with the help of a lawyer of course. I worked hard all my life and at no time did my wage jump to the extent of realtors. They do not have years of education expenses to pay off either. Far too overpaid for time and education required. To have to pay $12,000 for someone to sell my condo-when this is half of my yearly income, is not right.

      • Far from going down, realtor’s pay has tripled as house prices have tripled. Why should the realtor receive the same percentage of a $1,000,000 dollar house as he once did on a $300,000. Certainly the same MONEY, arguably a rising amount to account for cost of doing business. But why rising for no reason>

  3. Hey Mike, so I recently purchased a property using an agent, this agent automatically assumes she will be also selling my home ( not yet on the market, I bought before selling) I understand she split the sellers commission with the agent handling the property I bought and I am being told the rate I will be paying her when I sell my home is 7% on the first 200k and 2.5% on the balance…I understand there is no ” fixed ” amount however with all the reading I am doing this seems high as most agents are charging 7% on the first I obligated to use the same agent that I used for purchasing my new home? Closing is not until August this year . Is it “kosher” to ask her to adjust her rate or would this be something set by her company? Thanks

    • Good morning Caro.

      I dont know if any one answered your questions. Evry thing in life is negotiable at any time in till you sing. What im saying is this is your deal and if you feel that 7% on the first 200k is to hight than your probably right. There is nothing wrong with asking to negotiate. Win win is the best way of business so when you negotiate to acheav the grates success it is best to be fare. If 7% on the first 100k is the standerd than asking for a change is responsible. As for your question you are not obligated to use any agent in till you sing an exclusive listing agrement, or service contract. But if she was a good agent to you it would be understandable that you would want to use that agents servace agen and continue working with them. I hope this helps. Congratulations on your new home and best of fortune in the market selling you property.

  4. Mike, thanks for posting the commission calculator – it’s very useful!

  5. Can you recommend an agent to sell Port Coquitlam retail space?

    • Hi Ken,

      Good to hear from you.

      We can definitely help you with this.

      Give me a call at 604-763-3136 and we can help you with this.


  6. Benjamin Roeshot


    What is the average estate agent fee in Vancouver as well as Canada as a whole?

    Thank you

    • Hi Benjamin,

      Good to hear from you.

      We can definitely help you with this.

      Give me a call at 604-763-3136 and we can help you with this.


  7. What is the going rate for an exclusive listing in BC?

    • Hi Ron,

      Good to hear from you.

      We can definitely help you with this.

      Is there a number I can reach you on to discuss further?

      We can call you anywhere in the world.


  8. I met with a realtor and they showed me a place I was interested in; I’d done quite a bit of research prior to meeting at the address. After viewing the property one of the questions I asked the realtor was if their commission was negotiable: her jaw practically dropped off her face. She wouldn’t commit to saying there was a standard rate but she also made it very clear she was offended. (possible I should have asked prior to our appointment but still, why take offensive, she could have kindly said, ‘no’)….

    I’m curious, are the commissions realtors charging the same as they were before we had the world wide web (so, say pre-2000)?



  10. Hi Mike,

    Can I ask what you think of the following scenario?
    1) Buyer does not have an agent and has decided to purchase a home
    2) Buyer decides to submit an offer and use the selling agent to submit the offer. No consulting, assistance with subjects etc etc etc… straightforward simple offer.
    3) Selling agent commission (based on your calculator) would be about $30K
    4) Buying agent commission (if there was one) would be about $25K
    5) Is it inappropriate to ask the Selling agent to reduce sale price/refund lets say $20K when no buying agent is used?

    This is a situation where the selling agent really hasn’t had a hand in leading the buyer to purchase anything or provided any advice, consult, time/energy etc to the buyer… save for submitting a successful offer written up by the buyer.


  11. Hi,
    I purchased a home back in 2011, I lived in it for 6 months and had a
    hard time keeping up with the day to day payments so I ended up renting the whole house and moved back in with my parents.
    The other day a realtor came by and had a offer on the table for my property.

    The question I have is if I sell the house will I pay a capital gains tax, or because its my primary residence I avoid paying capital gains?
    The second question I have is if I can do anything now to avoid paying capital gains taxes (ie. postponing the closing date to a year or living in it for a minimum amount of time)

    • Hi Sherwin,

      Good to hear from you.

      Give me a call back 604-763-3136.


    • YOu rented it out, so it is NOT your primary residence. On the other hand you should have recorded all your expenses, including property tax, which will reduce the Captial Gains.

      Talk to an accountant, not a realtor.

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