How To Sell A Vancouver Condo # 7 | Preparing For Listing | What To Avoid!

What to Avoid When Selling Your Vancouver Condo

In How to Sell a Condo 6, we discussed home staging as a very effective way to get a property to look its best so it will sell for the most money in the shortest amount of time.

Today we are going to discuss what to avoid when preparing a condo for sale in Vancouver.

Why is My Condo Not Selling?

In episode 5, we discussed the basics of what to do to get a condo ready for sale in Vancouver to make the condo attractive to the broadest possible audience.

There are also some things you want to avoid when preparing a condo for market in Vancouver and here are some of the most common Examples:

  • Major Renovations for Profit – There is a common myth in Vancouver that a major renovation on a condo will automatically result in a profit on the money spent on the reno. This is not always the case. If a property is dated, in bad condition, or has other issues, a major reno by qualified professionals could make sense. BUT, If you’re thinking of this option CONSULT with your REALTOR!
  • Using Strong Smelling Air “Fresheners” – First impressions matter when selling a condo. Many prospective buyers may be turned off by the strong smell of air fresheners in a home. Also, many Buyers may question why a strong air freshener is being used. Is it masking a mouldy smell? Has the condo been smoked in? Is there some other issue or problem with the condo that normally would be noticeable if the air freshener was not used?
  • Smoking Inside the Home – Most people in this day and age do not smoke and if they do, they smoke outside. Smoking in a condo creates a smell that is a major turn off for most of the prospective buyers of your condo because most don’t smoke. Long term smoking inside the home also discolours and damages interior surfaces that will have to be fixed which costs money that a Buyer will not want to spend.
  • Not Tidying Up for Showings – Most Buyers are turned off by mess (which kills the buying impulse – nobody wants to clean your mess) and a messy condo is going to look far smaller and cluttered than a tidy condo. If a buyer perceives the condo to be smaller than it is because it is messy, buyers will not want to pay top dollar for the condo.
  • Not Cleaning – A property that is not clean will be an instant turn off for most Buyers. When selling a condo, it is imperative to keep the property as clean as possible. Hiring a professional cleaner can be a great way to easily get the property to the standard of cleanliness it needs to be at for a sale (I have some great cleaners if you need referrals).
  • Allowing Clutter – Space is at a premium in most condos in Vancouver. A cluttered condo will feel way smaller than a fully de-cluttered property. If a condo is perceived as being small, it will be perceived as being worth less than a comparable property that is not cluttered.
  • Over-Personalizing – Pictures of yourself and your family all over the condo do not help a prospective buyer imagine themselves living in the home. Exciting paint colours that you may love may put people off. Keep everything neutral in your condo to appeal to the broadest possible audience!
  • Displaying Controversial/Inappropriate Pictures/Symbols – We all have our opinions, viewpoints, and preferences. Some of these may be objectionable to a prospective buyer or make them uncomfortable. If Buyers are put off by an object, message, or an image in your condo, there’s NOT a very good chance they’ll want to buy it.
  • Leaving Loud/Aggressive Animals in the Condo – I am an animal lover, but leaving your large dog (or cat or other animal) in the suite likes to bark and jump up on people will not go over well during showings. At worst you may get a Buyer who is deathly scared of dogs (or allergic to cats) that will run out of the suite screaming (I’ve seen it) or at best the prospective Buyer will be uncomfortable. Either way, this situation will not help the sale. (Just to clarify, you don’t have to get rid of your pet, but just keep boisterous ones out of the property during showings.)
  • Buying New Large or Dark Coloured Over-Stuffed Furniture for the Sale – The size, shape, and colour of furniture can have a major impact on how big or small a condo feels. Large, dark, overstuffed, or tall furniture can do a lot to make a condominium feel smaller than it is. Best is to go with light coloured, small, sleek furniture that has lots of glass or reflective surfaces.
  • Leaving Repairs Undone – Most Buyers do not know how much repairs to condos cost. Most buyers vastly over-estimate the cost and hassle of such repairs. Repairs left undone will turn buyers off, because they think they will have to pay the cost and deal with the hassle of the repair. Hassle and cost is not conducive to the buying impulse. Fix any and all issues before you list your condo for sale in order to sell at the price you want when you want.

Any questions on getting your condo ready for sale?

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