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Welcome To A Step by Step Guide How to Sell a Condo in Vancouver!

Welcome to the introduction to How to Sell a Vancouver Condo. In this series of videos, I will explain in detail the process of preparing, listing, marketing, and selling a residential condominium in Vancouver, BC.

Why is Selling a Condo in Vancouver Different Than Other Places?

To start with, Vancouver is one of the densest cities in Canada, if not North America. Vancouver has a huge number of residential condominium developments. Marketing and selling condos in Vancouver is going to be a very different process than say for a single family house in Kelowna or Phoenix. We will be discussing a lot of terms and concepts that may not familiar to people outside of the Vancouver Real Estate community. If you find that you do not understand any of these terms and concepts, please let me know because…

There are NO Stupid Questions when Selling a Condo in Vancouver!

YES! I cannot emphasize this more. If you don’t understand PLEASE CONTACT ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS you may have on the process of selling your condo in Vancouver. I can be reached at 604-763-3136 or email me by clicking here.

I also strongly encourage comments below with any questions!

So! you’ve decided its time to sell your condo in Vancouver. What next?

Check out Episode 1 of How to Sell Your Vancouver Condo: Mortgage Penalties?!

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