Burnaby Presale Condos

The Burnaby real estate economy is growing rapidly.  Burnaby with its population of 223,000 makes it the third-largest city in British Columbia.  There is a variety of new condominiums, single family homes, and detached and semi-detached townhomes for sale.  

Burnaby has a modern urban living surrounded by natural breathtaking views that make Burnaby one of the most liveable cities in Western Canada.  

Burnaby is located in the geographical centre of  Metro Vancouver.  It is home to many young professionals and families who commute to Vancouver on a daily basis. 

The economy is growing and consists of various companies moving into Burnaby including information technology, education, new media, and wireless companies. 
It’s also home to stable industrial sectors such as agriculture, heavy and light industries. 

Burnaby’s Schools have established 41 elementary schools and 8 secondary schools. 

Burnaby has a very efficient transit system that includes Sky Trains, Sea Buses, and buses. 

That's All! Stay tuned for more.

That's All! Stay tuned for more.