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Lowballing Vancouver Real Estate

It’s a buyer’s market for Vancouver real estate these days and Lowballing is a great way for buyers to get the best deal possible. For sellers a Lowball is an opportunity to get an accepted offer in a time when these are scarce.

Many buyers are afraid to Lowball for fear of insulting the sellers. With a Lowball offer it’s like anything else in life, if you don’t try, you’ll never know!

I put a deal together at 2502-1483 Homer Street. The asking price was $1.1 Million and we got it for $975K in October of 2009. The last sale of a comparable was for $1.096 Million in August. Lowballs work.

What is a Lowball?

A Lowball offer is one that is significantly less than the asking price of a property.

What to Avoid when Lowballing.

Offering what you will pay. Your Lowball offer should intitally be below the amount you actually want to pay. The Lowballing Buyer wants to create the impression in the Sellers mind that the Seller has a good deal because they have got the Buyer to raise their offer price.

Walking away from a sellers counter offer. A Lowball offer allows a Buyer to assess the Sellers motivation. Some Sellers may be desperate, but try to create the impression they are not by responding to a Lowball with a high counter offer. If the Buyer doesn’t respond to the Sellers counter thats teh end of it. You can’t get anywhere in a negotiation if you’re not negotiating. Persistence pays when Lowballing.

How to make a Lowball Offer work in Vancouver.

Give the Seller something. If you are going to come in low on price, make sure to add a sweetener like a quick completion date or a short subject removal date. The seller may look more seriously at your offer if you add these sweeteners.

Make a good case for the low price. If you’ve done your homework and you have some documentation to support your offer you may find the seller comes around. A seller may not have known about a recent transaction that has impacted the market, if you let them know, they may go for your offer.

How to deal with a Lowball Offer if you are a Seller.

Don’t over price your listing! Have a look at this video on overpriced a listings. Check out my post on How to Avoid a Lowball Offers for Sellers of Vancouver Real Estate

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If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line!

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