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Inspect Your Own House in Vancouver Before Selling it?

Yes! Sometimes Sellers in Vancouver will get their own inspection on their home by a qualified Home Inspector before listing it for sale to get a very clear idea of the mechanical condition of their property. But why?

Why Get a Pre-Listing inspection on a Home in Vancouver?

I recently had the pleasure of talking to Dave Brighton, Home Inspector with Brighton Home Inspections on pre-listing inspections in Vancouver.


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Inspections done on behalf of a Seller are done for several reasons:

  1. Increased Certainty in Negotiations – Many Buyers in Vancouver use a Subject to Inspection to protect themselves when purchasing a property. Often, once a Buyer has their inspection done, the Buyer will try to use required or other repairs to renegotiate the accepted offer price on the property. With a pre-list inspection, the Seller and the Listing or Sellers Agent can know what issues the property has and price the property accordingly. Also, the Sellers will have a clear idea of the cost of the repairs that may be needed. So if a Buyer attempts to re-negotiate price based on the problems with the property, the Seller can have a realistic idea of the cost of the issues and negotiate accordingly.
  2. Marketing Power of a “Problem-Free Home” – If a Seller can be certain the house has no issues or requires no repairs the property can be realistically marketed as a problem-free house not needing any repairs. This increases Buyer confidence in the property and can be particularly powerful in a soft market when there is a lot of competition among Sellers.

How is a Pre-List Inspection Done?

Just like a standard home inspection is done for a Buyer. The Home Inspector will check all the mechanical systems of the property, the envelope, the foundation, the drainage systems to give a very clear picture of what is happening with the property from a physical perspective.

When is a Pre-List Inspection Done?

Usually, a week or so before the property is due to be listed, so if any repairs are needed there is time before listing to take care of them.

How Much Does a Pre-Listing Inspection Cost?

Dave Brighton can help you with that question at 604-290-5557.

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