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Presale Previews: Our Vancouver BC Presale Condos Blog

What's coming next? Find out at our Metro Vancouver New Construction + Presale Condos Blog

Since 2005, Mike Stewart has followed the presale condo market with some of the most cutting-edge content in Vancouver.

We are your number one source for new and pre-construction condo developments in Vancouver BC.  We are first to know what’s happening with new and future condo developments. Our team will help you find the best investment or place to live meeting your criteria.  We have every presale and pre-construction condo development listed here for your review.

Vancouver’s new condo (or presale condo, as it is often termed) market offers an array of exciting opportunities for buyers—from those aspiring to homeowner status for the first time to experienced real estate investors. The presale market, however, is a bit different from the resale market. 

A presale is when a condo developer sells the suites of the development before it has been completely built and often before construction has even begun. You, the buyer, purchase the right to the future property. 

Latest New Construction and Presale Condos in Metro Vancouver

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