Coquitlam is a Growing Stylish and Modern Community

Coquitlam has invested in modern infrastructure that continues to pave the way for residential, commercial and industrial growth.  New presale condos and pre-construction condos are available for investment opportunities.  Coquitlam offers housing choices that range from high-end Condos and executive homes to smaller homes, duplexes and rental apartments.  The City’s population is expected to grow by almost 100,000 residents by 2041.

Coquitlam offers direct access to major highways, rail arterials, rapid transit and river ports, and is close to the Vancouver and Abbotsford International airports and the US border.

The City is a welcoming multicultural community. Coquitlam is home to the Kwikwitlem First Nation, BC’s only francophone neighbourhood, Maillardville, as well as large Chinese, Korean and Iranian communities. This diversity extends to the City’s business community which includes major destination stores and businesses that serve all of Metro Vancouver.

Coquitlam has approved a plan to meet the City’s future needs in parks, recreation and culture services for decades to come.  The City will provide sport, recreation, parks, arts and culture services over the next 15 years. Coquitlam has an extensive trail and green corridor network that encompasses the City. The City is served by a range of parks that include natural areas and sports amenities, including Percy Perry Stadium.

It also has excellent access to natural areas including provincial, regional and municipal parks such as the 38,000 hectare Pinecone-Burke Provincial Park, which provides access to excellent hiking and canoeing opportunities,  the 175-hectare Minnekhada Regional Park,  the 404 hectare Colony Farm Regional Park, the 176 hectare Mundy Park, and much more.

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