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New Buyer Advice Vancouver 11 | Contract of Purchase & Sale| Excluded & Included Items!

 REBGV Contract of Purchase and Sale Explanation - Included and Excluded Items (Section 7) In First Time Home Buyer Advice 10, we discussed Dates in a Real Estate Transaction. Today, we're going to discuss included and excluded items. It Comes with What? When you buy a property in Vancouver it is possible to specify what is and is not included in the sale. Section 7 of the Contract of Purchase and Sale (See Below) is where this is laid out exactly in terms of what will be included and excluded from the sale of the property. In the example…

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First Time Home Purchase Advice Vancouver 7: Contract of Purchase and Sale Overview

 Updated May 3, 2019 by Mike Stewart PREC So you’re ready to write an offer and your Realtor has had you read and sign several real estate disclosures as we discussed in Episode 6 First Time Home Buyers Advice. A Real Estate Offer is a Contract of Purchase and Sale in BC? Yes! In British Columbia, a Real Estate Offer is officially referred to as a Contract of Purchase and Sale. The sample offer or Contract of Purchase and Sale BELOW is a generally a 4 to 8+ page document and has three main uses: Communication - The Contract…

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