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Dates in a Real Estate Offer – First Home Buyer Advice Vancouver 10:

 First Time Home Buyer Advice 10: Completion, Possession, and Adjustment Dates in BC's Contract of Purchase of Sale I am Realtor in Vancouver, BC, Canada and I have created this series of videos to help those who need help buying their first condo or house in Metro Vancouver, BC, Canada. In Episode 9 of the First Time Home Buyers Guide for Vancouver we talked about deposits in a real estate offer. Today we are going to talk about the Date sections (Section 3,4, and 5) on page 2 of the Contract of Purchase and Sale. These Completion, Possession, and…

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Dates in a Vancouver Real Estate Transaction – Offer Acceptance, Subject Removal, Completion, Possession, and Adjustment

 Important Dates in a Vancouver Real Estate Transaction Updated on May 3, 2019 There are FIVE important dates in a real estate transaction. They are the Acceptance Date, Subject Removal Date, the Completion Date, Possession Date, and the Adjustment Date. They can be set a day apart from each other or a year apart, but they must come in the order that you see them above (Possession and Adjustment can come on the same day). The Acceptance Date - The first is the date of acceptance. This is when the buyer and seller agree to a price and conditions.…

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