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Mortgage Penalties?

 How to Avoid Mortgage Penalties Welcome to Episode 1 of How to Sell Your Vancouver Condo. This series of videos will give a detailed step by step explanation of how to sell a condo in Vancouver. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have a question! So You Want to Sell Your Condo... Most people in Vancouver have a mortgage on their condo. Those fortunate people who don't have a mortgage on their condo, go ahead and skip to Episode 2. Do I Pay A Penalty if I Want to Sell My Condo? When a…

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Introduction – How to Sell a Condo in Vancouver

 Welcome To A Step by Step Guide How to Sell a Condo in Vancouver! Welcome to the introduction to How to Sell a Vancouver Condo. In this series of videos, I will explain in detail the process of preparing, listing, marketing, and selling a residential condominium in Vancouver, BC. Why is Selling a Condo in Vancouver Different Than Other Places? To start with, Vancouver is one of the densest cities in Canada, if not North America. Vancouver has a huge number of residential condominium developments and again far more than other North American cities. Marketing and selling condos in Vancouver…

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