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Vancouver Real Estate Indoor Air Quality Testing and Volatile Organic Compounds with ABM Environmental

Indoor Air Quality Testing and Vancouver Real Estate? Is there are link between Indoor Air Quality and Vancouver Real Estate you ask? YES! The air inside a home (Both condos and houses) can have many things in it and and some of that stuff may not be all that good for us.  In a previous post we talked about how mould in a home can cause health issues, today we're going to talk to Brian Mackenzie of ABM Environmental about Volatile Organic Compounds. The Not So Sweet Smell of New Stuff Volatile Organic Compounds! Most people like new stuff. A…

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Mold and Indoor Air Quality in Vancouver with Brian Mackenzie of ABM Environmental

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Brian Mackenzie of ABM Environmental to talk about mold (mould) and indoor air quality.  I was working with a client who was buying an older house in the Grandview area of Vancouver and had concerns about mold. We brought ABM Environmental in to test indoor air quality in the basement. Their analysis let us know there was  a mild mold problem. Brian was able to give us some great advice to fix the problem inexpensively. Why Worry About Mold and Indoor Air Quality? Mold is everywhere. Whenever you have moisture and warmth,…

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