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Real Estate Terms Canada - Real Estate Terminology Canada - The Realtor Jargon Explained! Housing Terms

Real Estate Terms Canada

Real Estate Terminology Canada - Realtor Jargon Explained! Written by Mike Stewart Realtor and updated October 17, 2023 Jargon in the real estate industry in Canada is filled with specific language and terms that can often be very confusing to those not familiar with this field. This is especially true in Canada with Realtor jargon, where certain terms and practices may differ from those in other countries. Furthermore, government regulatory bodies for real estate have a distinct fondness for very obscure language regarding quite common things in the field The following is a comprehensive list of real estate terms commonly…

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BC Property Transfer Tax (PTT) and Vancouver Real Estate

 *** Looking for a PTT Calculator? Check out the BC Property Transfer Tax Calculator! *** I get questions all the time about BC's Property Transfer Tax and how it applies to Vancouver real estate. Here's a simple explanation. BC Property Transfer Tax - What is it? Property Transfer Tax (PTT) is a British Columbia tax on the sale or transfer of ownership of any residential real estate property in the province. Why does British Columbia have a Property Transfer Tax? British Columbia's Property Transfer Tax was introduced in the 1980's as part of a failed attempt to slow real…

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