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Questioning an Oil Tank Scan for a Vancouver House? Use Ground Penetrating Radar!

Ground Penetrating Radar - The Ultimate in Oil Tank Detection for Vancouver Houses! Oil Tanks in Vancouver are a major concern when houses change hands. If an oil tank is discovered on a property it has to be removed immediately at the owner's expense. If has been leaking oil it could result in tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in remediation costs. When preparing to sell your house or if you're looking to buy a house, it is always recommended to get an Oil Tank Scan by a qualified professional! But what happens when the scan finds metal,…

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Vancouver Houses and Underground Oil Storage Tanks for Buyers

Houses in Vancouver have Oil Tanks? Up until the 1960's most houses in Vancouver used oil burning furnaces. These furnaces had underground oil storage tanks periodically filled by tanker trucks. When Vancouver began the switch to gas furnaces in the 1960's, oil furnaces were removed and the underground oil storage tanks that fed them were either removed (best practice) or decommissioned. If decommissioned, the tanks, often made of galvanized steel were supposed to be completely drained of oil. I'm Buying a House in Vancouver. Why should I care about Underground Oil Tanks? IT CAN COST ME THOUSANDS?! Unfortunately, in many…

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