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How to Buy a First Home 15 – Subject to Inspection & The Contract of Purchase and Sale

 First Time Home Buyer Safety - Subject to Inspection in the Contract of Purchase and Sale! In Episode 14, we talked about Subject to Financing and how this is a powerful way to protect a first time home buyer when it comes to financing. Today we are going to talk about the Subject to Inspection clause in the Contract of Purchase and Sale and how this can protect a new home buyer in Vancouver. What is an Inspection When Buying a Home in Vancouver? An Inspection or Home Inspection as they are commonly referred to in Vancouver is when…

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Commission Remuneration

Vancouver Buyers Agents Disclose Real Estate Commissions in Writing! The Disclosure of Remuneration Document

 Disclosure of Remuneration: What is that? Updated May 3, 2019 How a Realtor gets paid and by whom is always a source of interest in Vancouver. Want to know EXACTLY How Much? Check out this great Realtor Commission Calculator for Sellers! In British Columbia, Buyers Agents (ie Real Estate Agents who are representing a Buyer) must disclose in writing to the Buyer they are working with, how much they are being paid and by whom when they are preparing an offer or Contract of Purchase and Sale for a Buyer. The Buyer should know who is paying their Realtor,…

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