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How to Buy a First Home 15 – Subject to Inspection & The Contract of Purchase and Sale

 First Time Home Buyer Safety - Subject to Inspection in the Contract of Purchase and Sale! In Episode 14, we talked about Subject to Financing and how this is a powerful way to protect a first time home buyer when it comes to financing. Today we are going to talk about the Subject to Inspection clause in the Contract of Purchase and Sale and how this can protect a new home buyer in Vancouver. What is an Inspection When Buying a Home in Vancouver? An Inspection or Home Inspection as they are commonly referred to in Vancouver is when…

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First Time Home Buyer Tips Vancouver 8 | Contract of Purchase and Sale| Price!

 Contract of Purchase & Sale Explanation for First Time Vancouver Home Buyers Updated June 26, 2019 by Mike Stewart PREC Episode 7 of the First Time Home Buyers Guide was an overview of the Contract of Purchase and Sale. Now let's go through the offer in detail starting with Price! Price in a Real Estate Offer - Section 1 The widely held perception is that an offer has how much the Buyer is willing to pay and if the Seller accepts the Buyers price its a done deal. Many first time home buyers think a real estate offer to…

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