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Restoration of heritage house for Brookhouse Residences in Grandview-Woodland, Vancouver.

Vancouver houses for sale

Vancouver or Metro Vancouver has a population of over 2,300,000 people situated on the south-west corner of British Columbia.  Vancouver is one of the most liveable cities in the world and the third-largest metropolitan area in Canada.  In south Vancouver, there are mainly detached houses with yards for families.   East Vancouver has predominantly single-family dwellings with a multitude of high rise condos being developed close to Shopping Centres and Skytrain stations. 

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How a Realtor Calculates List Price | Comparative Market Analysis for Sellers!

 What is a comparative market analysis? A comparative market analysis (sometimes referred to as a market evaluation) is the process Realtors use to calculate the market value of properties with to help an owner sell or a buyer to understand the actual value of a a property they are interested in buying. How I do a comparative market analysis 1 ) Visit the property in question The first thing I do when requested to do a Comparative Market Analysis is to physically visit the property. Visiting the property is key! In my view, it is impossible to get an…

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