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Presale condo assignments ARE NOT Shadow Flips and DO NOT push up real estate prices in Vancouver

Recent media articles on presale condo assignments of contract have been full of factual errors and have misrepresented presale assignments as shadow flips. Presale condo assignments ARE NOT Shadow flipping. Let's clarify. What is a Shadow Flip? A shadow flip is when an existing property primarily a single family house or single family house lot is purchased by a buyer under false pretenses. The contract that was used to purchase the property has a clause in it saying that the buyer can assign the contract without the permission of the seller. This practice victimized unsophisticated sellers of single-family houses in…

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Vancouver Real Estate Overpriced?

Is Vancouver Real Estate Overpriced or Underpriced? From time to time I am asked if Vancouver Real Estate is overpriced. This is a very difficult question to answer and here's why: Compared to Where? Overpriced is a relative term.  Is Vancouver overpriced compared to where? Edmonton? Calgary? Seattle? Moose Jaw? Many factors determine real estate prices. City and regional economic performance, security, climate, popularity, openness to international immigrants, tolerance, Fiscal and Monetary policy, architecture, size, population, density, geographic barriers to growth, I could go on and on... are unique to every City. The unique mix of the above factors has…

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How a Realtor Calculates List Price | Comparative Market Analysis for Sellers!

 What is a Comparative Market Analysis? It is the process Realtors use to calculate the market value of properties they market. How do I do a Comparative Market Analysis? 1 ) Visit the property! The first thing I do when requested to do a Comparative Market Analysis is to physically visit the property. Visiting the property is key! In my opinion, it is impossible to get an accurate idea of the market value on a property without seeing the property. 2) Only Analyze What I Know. Local Expertise is Key! I can only do an accurate market analysis on…

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When will Vancouver Real Estate Prices Hit Bottom? Beware of Those Telling you its Happening as its Happening!

Hi All, Pretty much everyday someone asks me when prices in the Vancouver real estate market will hit bottom and everyday I say I don't know. I say I don't know, because I don't have a crystal ball and can't see the future and as I licensed Realtor I can be liable if people take a hit relying on my predictions. There are people out there who are saying they KNOW when the prices will hit bottom and they can tell when prices are bottoming as they are hitting bottom. Don't trust these people! What happens if prices stabilise and…

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When Will The Vancouver Real Estate Market Hit Bottom? Price Momentum in Real Estate

Price Momentum in Vancouver Real Estate - Its Falling Now, But When it Goes Up We Won't Know Until A By Mike Stewart View in HD Download 480p Version Visit Mike Stewart's ExposureRoom Videos Page When will Vancouver Real Estate hit bottom? That is a question I get asked all the time. Like I have said in comments my post on Why Vancouver Real Estate Prices Go Up and Down, if I knew when the Vancouver Real Estate Market was going to bottom, I would no longer be working... What we can say for sure is where the market is…

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