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Are Realtor Commissions Fees Negotiable in Vancouver ?

 Are Real Estate Commission Fees in Vancouver BC Canada Negotiable? Updated March 1, 2023 by Mike Stewart PREC Yes, real estate commission fees are always negotiable in Canada. This is the answer that all Realtors in Canada are required to give according to the Federal Governments Competition Act. Is there a Standard Real Estate Commission in Vancouver? We Realtors are also required to say following when asked the question above: There is no standard rate of real estate commissions for Buyers & Sellers in Canada. The Federal Government wants to make sure prospective Buyers & Sellers know that there…

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Vancouver Real Estate Commissions for Sellers Charged by Mike Stewart Realtor

Vancouver Real Estate Commission Rates from Mike Stewart on Vimeo. How much are real estate fees in BC! My name is Mike Stewart and I am an award-winning residential Real Estate Agent in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and here is an explanation and breakdown of the Real Estate Commissions I charge Sellers to assist them in the sale of their properties. When I am hired (by way of a Listing Contract which specifies the Commission) to sell a property I am referred to as the Listing Agent. In Vancouver, Buyers generally DO NOT pay commissions to their real estate agents!…

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