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Indoor Air Quality Testing and Vancouver Real Estate?

Is there are link between Indoor Air Quality and Vancouver Real Estate you ask? YES!

The air inside a home (Both condos and houses) can have many things in it and and some of that stuff may not be all that good for us.  In a previous post we talked about how mould in a home can cause health issues, today we’re going to talk to Brian Mackenzie of ABM Environmental about Volatile Organic Compounds.

The Not So Sweet Smell of New Stuff Volatile Organic Compounds!

Most people like new stuff. A little known fact is that new stuff or the smell of new stuff like the new car smell, could make you sick! The substances that create the “new stuff” smell are called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and according to the US Environmental Protection Agency some studies have shown that VOC’s are not good for us and may contribute to “Sick Building Syndrome“.

What do VOC’s have to do with Vancouver Real Estate?

It seems as though everyone is renovating their homes in Vancouver these days (Myself included!) Renovations means lots of new stuff being put into your home. A lot of the materials in this new stuff as well as the glues, paints, cleaners, etc. may emit  or “Off Gas” Volatile Organic Chemicals. As both the owner of a renovated home in Vancouver home owner and a Vancouver Realtor, VOC’s worry me.

Testing for Volatile Organic Compounds in the Home with ABM Environmental

Brian Mackenzie of ABM Environmental was kind enough to come and meet me and test my newly renovated home in Vancouver. I insisted on low VOC paints and other materials when I had my house reno’d but I was still curious to see what would be the results of VOC testing in my home. As you can see from the video, my place fine.

That said if you are living in a newly renovated home or a new home with a lot of the “New Home/New Car” smell and you’re concerned about the effect on your health, contact Brian Mackenzie at ABM Environmental and he can test your home for VOC’s and help you out if you have a problem.

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