Monthly Archives: November 2008

Dates in Real Estate Transaction

No... I don't mean candlelit dinners and footsy! I mean Acceptance Dates! Subject Removal Dates! Completion Dates! Possession Dates! Basically the important dates when you buy or sell real estate in Vancouver. This is pretty much a 2.0 version of an older post on my old blog. Check out Important Dates in Real Estate Transaction if I make a mess of my explanation. Find out more

Open Houses as a Marketing Tool for your Listing

Hi All, I'm a huge fan of open houses. They provide a low stress low anxiety atmosphere for potential buyers to see your listing. A lot of realtors don't like to do open houses and feel they don't do anything to sell a property. THEY ARE WRONG! Watch the video and let me know your thoughts. Have a look at 3005-111 West Georgia Street. This is the suite I mention in the video. Find out more