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Hiring a First Time Home Buyer Specialist in Vancouver

In Episode 2 of the Vancouver First Time Home Buyers Guide we talked about how to figure out where to buy.

Once you have decided on neighbourhood, it’s time to select a Realtor.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Buyers Agent Realtor?


Yes, 99 times out of 100, a Buyers Agent is paid a finders fee commission by the Sellers Agent if the Buyer that is working with the Buyers Agent purchases the Sellers Agents listed property!

Furthermore, the Buyers Agent you hire is REQUIRED to disclose to you the Buyer in writing the amount they are getting paid by the Sellers Agent. To learn more, check out this great video on Buyers Agent Remuneration Disclosure


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Interested in how much commission we charge a Seller and pay to a Buyers Agent who brings our Seller an offer to purchase that completes?

Here is a commission calculator that gives you an idea of what we charge sellers and pay buyers agents in a transaction when dealing for a seller.

Should I Interview a Realtor to Represent Me?

Starting online is a very time efficient way to find a Realtor. Google some questions or concerns you may have an see who comes up as an authority and see who you feel most comfortable with based on what you see.

This is what you should be looking for in a Realtor:

  • Good reviews online. A Realtor should have a good track record with their past clients and should be able to share that with either online reviews or testimonials.
  • Demonstrable Local Knowledge, experience, and results. (i.e. Sales of Listings in the area)
  • Professional – Complete Honesty, Integrity, and Reliability. (You can get this from online reviews or recommendations from trusted friends and family.)
  • Good Attitude – Answers calls and emails promptly & politely, has a good relationship with other Realtors and other colleagues.
  • Good Reputation – If you Google them or ask people in the know and bad things are said about the person you’re thinking of hiring, think again.
  • Motivated – They should be keen for your business and work hard for it.
  • Up to date web based research (PCS, Early VIP Access to Presales, etc) tools for Real Estate.
  • Works full time as a Realtor in the area of interest.

If you don’t find a Realtor with the above process or you don’t have time to find one, feel free to give me a call at 604-763-3136 or EMAIL ME.

Looking for a Realtor outside Vancouver?

I have a great network of good Realtors across BC & North America that can help you with your search.

Vancouver First Time Home Buyers Advice Episode 4 – How to Search for Properties

I welcome your questions and thoughts in the form of a comment down below!