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Helping my clients find their dream home or the perfect investment property in Vancouver gives me great satisfaction. My clients’ satisfaction with buying Vancouver real estate is my greatest reward!

Vancouver’s new condo (or presale condo, as it is often termed) market offers an array of exciting opportunities for buyers—from those aspiring to homeowner status for the first time to experienced real estate investors. The presale market, however, is a bit different from the resale market. Here we will outline the buying process as well as the advantages and disadvantages of these homes for potential buyers.

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Assisting our clients in discovering their ideal home or the perfect preconstruction investment property in Vancouver. Our clients’ contentment with their Vancouver real estate acquisitions gratifies us!

Buying pre-sale condos have become a very popular option for many homeowners and investors in Greater Vancouver and across British Columbia.

(If you’re not sure what this is, check out this great video on what is a presale condo!)

Once the Developer gives notice of the Completion, depending on the size of the building, up to several hundred Appraisers may need to get access to Presale Buyers suites in the building over a 10 day period.

During this time, there may be limited access to the building by non-Construction personnel and there is a chance that an Appraiser may not get into see a suite in time to submit their paperwork to allow the Completion to occur on time.

If there is a delay in the Completion due to the Buyers Appraiser not getting in on time, there may be penalties of up to $2000 payable to the Developer for a late Completion.

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