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new construction & presale condos

Since 2005, Mike Stewart has presented Vancouver Presales condo news with some of the most cutting-edge information available.

Below, we present our full list of articles about presale condos over the years. Or browse and zoom the Vancouver Presales map above for a selection of the most recent new property developments around Vancouver and BC.

What you will find on The Pre-Sales in Vancouver Map

On this map, you will notice icons that represent new pre-sale and preconstruction condos and townhouses available for sale. Feel free to click on any of the icons to get details on the pre-sale condo project represented by the icon.

Pre-Sales in Vancouver

The Presale Vancouver Map Covers BC

Please note that by default, this map will start by showing you pre-sales in Vancouver centred on Downtown Vancouver.

To see more options for presales across Greater Vancouver, The Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island, The Okanagan/Kelowna or Squamish/Sea to Sky Country, please zoom out or scroll around for pre-sales for sale in BC.

We strive to ensure the information on the site is correct and we LOVE feedback. Please contact us at anytime if you see any errors or issues with the new condo development projects you see.

Looking for Advice on How To Buy Pre-Sales in Vancouver?

As well as inform potential home buyers and investors about new pre-sales in Vancouver and beyond, we also like to educate on the process of new home buying in British Columbia.

To learn more about buying a pre-sale in Vancouver or across BC, please check out this great how to video series: How to Buy a Pre-sale Condo!

While you’re here, sign up to join our new developments email list to find out first when new presales are available and also to get detailed pre sale condo pricing and floor plans before anyone else.

Presales Vancouver FAQPresales Vancouver FAQ

Does Mike Stewart and his Team have Exclusive Access to New Presales across BC?

Yes. Though Mike Stewart is a Vancouver real estate agent, we often get early exclusive access to new presale projects across BC due to our relationships across the province.

Please get in touch to see how we can help.

Where can I get insights on the BC presale market?

Again, contact us. We have real estate professionals across BC with their finger on pulse of the presale market in every city and region of British Columbia.

What is the presales Vancouver map designed for?

The Vancouver presale map above offers a visual representation of new pre-sale and preconstruction condos and townhouses available for sale in Vancouver and across British Columbia. Each of the pins represents a presale Vancouver and other areas offer. Click on the pins to get more information.

How long has Mike Stewart been a trusted source for BC & Vancouver presale property insights?

Since 2005, Mike Stewart has been a leading and respected figure in providing insights and expert advice on the presale condo market across BC.

How can I utilize this Map to discover presale condo opportunities?

Simply click on any of the icons on the map to access detailed information about the specific pre-sale condo project.

Does this Vancouver presale map cover only the city or other regions in British Columbia as well?

While the Vancouver presale map initially showcases pre-sales within Vancouver, users can zoom out or navigate to view presales options across Greater Vancouver, The Fraser Valley, The Okanagan, Vancouver Island, and other BC regions. Below the map is a grid of direct links to the various cities and regions with cover in BC with a map and listings for new condos and preconstruction options for sale in those communities.

Where can I access more detailed insights about presales in Vancouver and across BC?

We love discussing presales and and detailed insights on the real estate market. Feel free to contact us at any time at 604-265-9356.

Is there an avenue to stay updated about new presale condo opportunities?

Yes, please sign up on our VIP email list to get emails on new presale projects across Vancouver and all the major cities in British Columbia.

How reliable is the information presented on the Vancouver Presale Map?

Mike Stewart is committed to ensuring the accuracy of the information and actively encourages user feedback to uphold this standard.

All the presales on this page are updated for 2024 and checked weekly. Some projects may have already had completion.

Please do reach out if you see errors. Your feedback on the Vancouver presales on this page is highly appreciated!

When considering Vancouver presale condo opportunities, are there specific regulations I should be familiar with?

Yes, when diving into the presales Vancouver has to offer, it’s crucial to be aware of regulations set by the British Columbia Financial Services Authority (BCFSA) and the Real Estate Marketing Act (REDMA) that govern the process. We can guide buyers on these regulations when it comes to purchasing a presale in Vancouver or across BC.

What is the difference between the 7 day Rescission Period and the 3 day Home Buyer Rescission Period?

The 7 day rescission period is a right that the buyers of presales and new development properties in Vancouver and across BC have. Presale condo buyers exercising their 7 day rescission right do not pay a penalty.

The 3 Day Home Buyer Rescission Program applies to the purchase of existing properties, but buyers exercising this right need to pay the seller 0.025% of the asking price of the property.

Please have a look at our article on the differences between the 7 day rescission program and the 3 day Home Buyer Rescission Period.

Safety when Buying Pre-Sales in Vancouver & Across BC

Realtors who help buyers purchase pre-sales in Vancouver and across BC are highly regulated by the provincial government.

We at are fully supportive of and take these regulations very seriously and are available to answer questions on the rules and regulations on buying pre-sales in Vancouver and BC.

The British Columbia Financial Services Authority BCFSA is responsible for enforcing the Real Estate Marketing Act (REDMA), which oversees every real estate agent in BC and governs the process of buying new homes and pre-sales in Vancouver and across British Columbia (BC).

BCFSA sets out the licensing requirements, conduct rules, and disciplinary system for real estate professionals in BC. It aims to protect the public by ensuring that real estate professionals adhere to ethical and professional standards.