Chilliwack & District

The Chilliwack and District Real Estate Board covers the area from Chilliwack to Hope, including the District of Kent and all the way up to Boston Bar, in the eastern Fraser Valley.  This geographically large area extends down to the US border and includes farmlands surrounded by mountains such as Mount Cheam and Slesse Mountain. 


Agassiz is a small community located in the Eastern Fraser Valley north of the city of Chilliwack. Read More


Chilliwack is a great area for investment in real estate and offers affordable properties and capital growth.  The area is on the verge of population growth in a beautiful setting. Read More


Cultus Lake what a lovely place to live!  A popular recreational area surrounded by mountains and a provincial park area…Read More


Harrison Hot Springs is a village in a small community at the southern end of Harrison Lake.  It has long been a resort area attracting visitors to its mineral pools and rejuvenating hot springs. Read More


Harrison Mills, formerly Carnarvon and also Harrison River, is an agricultural farming and tourism-based community. Read More


Hope is surrounded by the beauty of nature, and many parks and green spaces available for outdoor living lovers. Hope is located about two hours east of Vancouver … Read More


Rosedale is a small community in a rural-suburban setting alongside the Fraser River.  In the winter Skiing and snowboarding is popular in its nearby hills.  Read More


Sardis was known as a quiet Suburban agricultural community before development in the area made it a popular shopping destination with several malls including the Cottonwood Mall.  Read More


Yarrow Ecovillage is an eco-friendly community designed to achieve a more sustainable way of life with living, working and farming at its heart. Read More