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HST Rebate Calculator | Vancouver Real Estate

Looking for GST Rebate Calculator for Real Estate in BC? Misconceptions and the Need for an HST Calculator for New Homes and Presales in Vancouver! When the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) replaced British Columbia's Provincial Sales Tax (PST) and the Federal Goods and Services Tax (GST) July 1st, 2010 there was a LOT of confusion among those interested in Vancouver Real Estate to say the least! One of the greatest misconceptions about the HST was that the Harmonized Sales Tax was payable on all real estate transactions in BC. Fortunately, HST is only payable on new properties in British Columbia.… Find out more

3333 Main Vancouver Presale Condo PRICING & Floor Plans!

3333 Main Presale in Mount Pleasant Mike Stewart from Mike Stewart on Vimeo 3333 Main Street in Mount Pleasant a Vancouver Presale Condo! *** PLEASE NOTE *** 3333 Main Street is NOW COMPLETE! Check Out all the Active Real Estate Listings at 3333 Main Street Here! 3333 Main is residential condominium, formerly a presale condo located on Main Street between East 17th Avenue and East 18th Avenue in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood of Vancouver, BC, Canada formerly a Ford dealership. This 5 level concrete and wood frame construction condo development by Bastion has 98 residential units with 7 Townhomes facing… Find out more

1st Time Home Buyer Tips Vancouver 8 | Contract of Purchase and Sale| Price!

Contract of Purchase & Sale Explanation for First Time Vancouver Home Buyers Episode 7 of the First Time Home Buyers Guide was an overview of the Contract of Purchase and Sale. Now we'll start going through the offer in detail starting with price! Section 1 - Price! Many first time home buyers think a real estate offer to buy property in Vancouver is a simple document that only is about price. The widely held perception is that an offer has how much the Buyer is willing to pay and if the Seller accepts the Buyers price its a done deal.… Find out more

Vancouver Real Estate Affordability & March 18 2011 Mortgage Rule Changes

March 18 2011 Department of Finance Mortgage Rule Changes and Real Estate Affordability in Vancouver We've been discussing mortgages a lot lately because they have such a huge impact on Vancouver Real Estate Market. In previous posts we explained the March 18, 2011 Mortgage changes Canada's Department of Finance enacted. Today we're going to talk about how these changes to Canada's mortgage rules will affect the affordability of residential real estate here in Vancouver. Jessi Johnson a Vancouver Mortgage Broker did some calculations to give a better idea of the impact from these changes. Rising Rates & Shortened Amortizations Affect… Find out more

Kits 360 Vancouver | Kitsilano Presale Condo Tentative PRICING!

Kits 360 Vancouver a Kitsilano Presale by Mike Stewart Realtor from Mike Stewart on Vimeo. Kits 360 Vancouver A New Presale in Kitsilano! Kits 360 is a new Vancouver Presale Condo located at 1777 West 7th Avenue at Burrard Street in Kitsilano. Rennie Marketing will be the project marketer for this condo development which will be located on land  formerly occupied by Burrard Acura. 5th Avenue Cinemas are 2 blocks away and there are lots of great restaurants and shops within walking distance on West 4th Avenue, Broadway, and Burrard. When will Kits360 be Completed? Kits 360 will have 254… Find out more

March 18 Mortgage Changes & Vancouver Real Estate 2 of 3 Maximum Refinancing Reduced to 85% Loan To Value

March 18, 2011 Department of Finance Mortgage Changes Part 2 of 3 - Reduced Refinancing Maximum Loan to Value In January 2011, Canada's Department of Finance announced a series of changes to the lending rules for Mortgages that will come into effect in on March 18, 2011 and April 13, 2011. In part 1 of 3, Jessi Johnson and I discussed how the new rules shortened the maximum amortization from 35 years to 30 years for high ratio mortgages. In part 2 of this series Jessi Johnson will explain the changes to the refinancing rules. Call in Jessi Johnson, Mortgage… Find out more