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  1. Mike:

    Any financial adviser who uses the expression “110% happy” should have his head examined.1


    • Hi Morris,

      Good to hear from you and thank you for commenting!

      Maybe you weren’t aware, but the site you left the comment on was not that of a Financial Adviser but rather that of a Realtor.

      Are you looking for a financial adviser or Realtor?

  2. If a potential buyer does not complete any of the subjects before completion date of accepted offer, what can seller do?

    • Hi Betty,

      Good to hear from you.

      Are you working with a Realtor?

      If yes, what was there opinion?

      Give me a call at 604-763-3136 when you get the chance.


  3. Hello, I’m buying pre-construction home and don’t have a realtor. I basically walked into the show home and signed a contract (subjects not removed yet). The builder’s representative wrote in the contract that the deposit (which is 10%) be made out to the builder. Not “In Trust” as suggested. The builder has no deposit protection insurance so if the builder defaults or goes bankrupt will I lose my deposit? The representative explained that they sign the contract in good faith and will build the house as set out in the contract. Is this normal? the house hasn’t even starting to be built for a few months.
    Thank you : )

    • Hi Sheldon,

      Good to hear from you.

      Is this in BC?

      We can definitely help you with this.

      Give me a call at 604-763-3136 and we can help you with this.


  4. Hello Mike,

    I have dispute with seller when I trying to buy a condo. I signed the contract with seller with financial condition which I have to get conventional mortgage in 30 days. But In 10 days after I signed the contract, I have to show the buyer which I had applied mortgage and order the appraisal. I got preapproval letter in TD bank and one refusal mortgage preapproval letter from RBC. But TD also without approval to gave to mortgage, so without order a appraisal. quickly, I start to applied HELOC by refinance my own house and trying to buy that property by cash. Unfortunately, appraisal show that my house condition was not that good, I did not get mortgage as well as HELOC did not get enough money to purchase the property. The seller void the contract in 14 days after signed the contract and put the property back to the market. (actually, the property was on the market all the time and accept back up offer) I noticed seller in 28 days which I unable to get the property due to financial issue. But the seller want deposit. Unfortunately, my agent did not put the money into trust account. I stopped deposit( a cheque) payment after I was noticed that seller put the property back to the market and void the contract. The seller later sue me for the deposit and money sold the differences of the property.
    My question are, who breach the contract? Who should get the deposit? Should I pay him the differences of the property sold.

    Thank you very much!

  5. Hello,
    I am the seller. The buyers defaulted on the closing date. My brokerage is not releasing the deposit to me. They wanted release letter from the buyer. But we could not find the buyer. On checking the buyers Real Estate agent we found he is buyer. I think he has cooked up the paper work. He has signed and also the there is signature for the buyer, but this agent would not disclose the contact information of the buyer. Can you help me as to what may be going on here? My brokerage is not cooperating with this case to obtain buyers information and the buyers agents is not responding to our requests.

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