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How To Sell A Vancouver Condo # 9 | Marketing Strategies

How to Sell Your Condo in Vancouver 9 – Marketing Strategies

 Marketing Strategies for Selling Your Vancouver Condo In the previous episode, we discussed the best time of year to sell your condo. Today we're going to talk about marketing strategies for selling condos in Vancouver that bring together many of the topics and concepts we've discussed in previous episodes. Many think that selling a condo in Vancouver is simply a matter of listing it on at a price pulled from thin air with non-professional photos and little or no thought to light, exposure, and colour. This is a good way to proceed... If you don't want to sell…

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How to Sell A Vancouver Condo # 3 | How Much is my Property Worth?

 Calculating the Value of Your Condo in Vancouver In Episode 2 of How to Sell Your Condo in Vancouver, we discussed the importance of speaking to an accountant to see if any taxes are payable on the sale proceeds of your condo. Once all the tax and mortgage penalties investigated, its time to find out what your Vancouver property is worth! What is the Resale Value of Your Condo? Condos are both investments and homes in Vancouver and their market value is constantly changing. It is absolutely imperative to have a clear idea of what your property is worth…

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How a Realtor Calculates List Price | Comparative Market Analysis for Sellers!

 What is a comparative market analysis? A comparative market analysis (sometimes referred to as a market evaluation) is the process Realtors use to calculate the market value of properties with to help an owner sell or a buyer to understand the actual value of a a property they are interested in buying. How I do a comparative market analysis 1 ) Visit the property in question The first thing I do when requested to do a Comparative Market Analysis is to physically visit the property. Visiting the property is key! In my view, it is impossible to get an…

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