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Basement Suite Calculator for Houses in Vancouver

Basement Suite Calculator for Vancouver Houses Expensive Vancouver Houses = Basement Suites Let's face it, single family houses in Vancouver are expensive. To make owning a house more affordable many in Vancouver install a basement suite or purchase a house with a suite. Basement/Secondary Suite Calculator for Vancouver Homes The last two houses I have owned in Vancouver have had basement suites and they have had a huge difference in affordability. Most buyers of houses in Vancouver will be looking at houses that either have suites or may plan installing a suite. I have added this basement suite or secondary…

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Selling A Tenanted Property in Vancouver? Being Nice can Save you Money, Hassle, and Time!

Written by Mike Stewart PREC - Updated June 20, 2019 Be Nice to your Tenants! Ensuring a Good Landlord-Tenant Relationship Will Save You Money and Time Selling tenanted properties in BC can be tricky and if done wrong, very expensive. Your tenants have been supporting your investment and helping you pay off your mortgage. Treat them like a partner when selling and it will save you money and stress. 3 Ways to Keep Your Tenants on Side When Selling A Property 1) Treat tenants courteously and professionally One of the best ways to to keep your costs down and stress…

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