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Professional Photography for Your Listing – Cheapest way to get Top Dollar for your Property

It has been said that a picture says a Thousand Words... What do terrible Listing Photographs say about the value of your home? Use Professional Photography for your listing.  Poor listing photography undervalues your property and will never convey how beautifully maintained and decorated your home is. Here in Vancouver, terrible (or non-existent) photography for listings is RAMPANT! Have a quick look on and you can see how many listings have either bad or non-existent photos. Getting professional photography is one of the best ways to get top dollar for your home. I have all my featured listings shot by…

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Vancouver Real Estate Market Seasonal Fluctuations

Seasonal Fluctuations in Vancouver's Real Estate Market on Mike Stewarts Video Blog By Mike Stewart View in HD Download 480p Version Visit Mike Stewart's ExposureRoom Videos Page Real estate markets fluctuate (really!?) and for the Vancouver market, spring is always the busiest followed by early to mid autumn. The worst times to start marketing a property are high summer and deep winter. High summer (late July to Labour Day) is tought because people are on vacation or want to go to the beach and not to open houses. Deep winter is no good because the weather deters people and the…

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