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When we decided to sell out apartment we spoke to a few realtors first to decide which to choose. The thing that made Mike stand out from the rest was that he immediately highlighted the fact that the patio should be emphasized as a strong selling point – suggesting that we should stage it with furniture and barbecue etc. so that potential future buyers could imagine themselves enjoying and making full use of it. I was impressed with this because it was the patio that had attracted us when we purchased the property. All the other realtors we spoke to didn’t mention the patio at all as a selling point, but Mike did strongly. This demonstrated to me that he was capable of seeing the property from a buyers’ perspective.

Having a history of costly special assessments, and with strata minutes showing there would be a very costly roof replacement in the future, our downtown apartment was tricky and challenging to sell and we were worried at times if it ever would. However Mike was always optimistic and confident that it would sell and of course it did with his persistence.

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