Vancouver First Time Home Buyers Advice Episode 4 – How to Efficiently Search for Properties

Vancouver First Time Home Buyers Advice Episode 4 – Making the Search Easy!

So you’ve hired a Realtor in Episode 3: How to Hire a Realtor. Now its time to put them to work!

Nobody likes to waste time. In this Episode we will talk about how to efficiently search from a home with the assistance of a Real Estate Agent. Let get started!

Get Some Tools!

Your Realtor will have some great web-based real estate research tools, like Private Client Services that will notify you of new listings, let you know whats actively on the market, and most importantly, how much properties are selling for. Why is sales data important? Because it allows you to the Buyer to distinguish between what is a good deal and what is not.

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Start Looking with an Open Mind!

Once you have access to a web based research tool like Private Client Services, its time to start looking at properties. Email your Realtor the list of properties you want to see as well as a time you’re available and your Realtor should handle the rest.

  • Keep an open mind when looking. There may be options you never expected that might be perfect for you.
  • See as many properties as you can to get a clear idea of what is available at what price. Its a horrible feeling to buy something only to find out that what you really wanted was available but you missed it.

Communicate and Eliminate Options

As you search for that perfect property keep in mind what is important to you and what you like. Eliminate properties that don’t work for you and that you don’t like. Heavy sleeper/light sleeper? Don’t like the heat? Like light or not? Noise bother you? Big balcony small balcony? Make sure to communicate your needs, wants, and preferences to your Realtor. The more information your Realtor has, the faster they can find you properties you will like.

What to expect from your Realtor

The British Columbia Real Estate Association requires all Realtors in BC to have you the Buyer sign a document called Working with a Realtor. This document does not bind you to the Realtor in any way. It simply discloses to you the Buyer exactly the nature of the Agent Relationship. Remember your satisfaction as the Buyer is the most important thing in this process.

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