How To Sell A Vancouver Condo # 6 | Home Staging

How to Stage Your Vancouver Condo for Sale

In How to Sell a Condo 5, we discussed the minimum requirements to prepare a suite for sale in the Vancouver real estate market.

Today we’ll discuss the next level of preparing your condo for sale – Professional Home Staging.

Speaking of professional home staging, Ron Sowden of Dekora Home Staging was kind enough to come and discuss with me how Home Staging can help sell a condo in Vancouver.

What is Home Staging?

Dekora’s site has a great definition:

“The art and science of selling a home in the shortest time for the highest value. Staging is about optimizing furnishings, lighting and decor to turn your home into a product with the most appeal to buyers.”

Professional Home Staging companies like Dekora have teams who can take a completely empty suite in rough condition and furnish it, colour coordinate, and equip it to look like a home out of Dwell or HGTV.

A Home Staging company can also take a furnished suite and make it “pop”, and this includes suites that are presently lived in.

How Can Home Staging Help Sell Your Condo?

In the last episode, I stressed the critical importance of a good first impression to create a positive perception of your condo in the mind of a prospective home buyer.

Suites that look good, and that are priced right will sell sooner for more money.

A professional Home Staging company will ensure that your condo looks the best it can to make that critical good first impression.

Is Home Staging a Cost or an Investment?

Home Staging is like anything in life: you get what you pay for.

I am a fan of Home Staging to get a property looking great, but it involves cost and may not be for everyone or for every property.

That said, for condo owners who don’t have the time or inclination to get their property in top shape for sale,  investment in Home Staging can make a property look perfect in a very short period of time (usually within a few days of the Staging contract being signed.)

A great looking property will stand out and sell for more money sooner than comparable condos. When making the decision as to use a Home Staging company or not, its advisable to ask yourself what’s most important to you the Seller.

Do you have the money available to pay for the staging? Does your Realtor think staging is necessary? How much competition from other condos is there? Is the suite in really rough shape? Are the furnishings dated and in bad condition and will they hold an otherwise great property back?

Asking these sorts of questions will simplify the decision to stage a condo for sale.


I have used Dekora and other companies to stage condos that I have listed and sold and Home Staging helped the sale immensely.

The Home Staging works quickly and efficiently and I use stagers on a case by case basis.

Be Sure to Check Out Episode 7 Where we discuss What Avoid when Preparing a Condo For Sale in Vancouver!


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